My philosophy


With me, Ansgar Stein, you have one of the most experienced teachers in Europe at hand: Teaching didgeridoo since 1996, I have gathered a considerable amount of experience of and knowledge about the multiple sides of this fascinating instrument to let you experience, learn and fully enjoy this world of sound yourself!

People say I have a very compassionate and humorous nature as well as a rigorous analytic approach. (Some labelled me as the »thing-explainer« of the didgeridoo) In my workshops I am including physiological and phonetical aspects and I focus on the potential of the didgeridoo as a lead-instrument.


Give it a try!

Start the real thing today!

One-on-one tuition

A personal, individual approach can be the best way to get started with an instrument. The focus is on you, and you alone. Distractions can be reduced, and it is easier for us to establish a relationship – competition and boasting can quickly become commonplace when learning an instrument that is accessible in so many ways.

Also, this way you have unlimited access to my resources and my collection of books and CDs.


So, take the time you need for yourself, have a nice cup of tea or a cool glass of water and have a great time exploring the sound of didgeridoo.


This offer however, is reserved to people taking the time to visit me here in Vienna.

Nevertheless, I do travel, and I have successfully been asked to come around!

Group workshops

 Take the chance to learn didgeridoo in a circle of like-minded people.


I visit many places around Europe, often on the occasion of a Didgeridoo-Festival.


I give regular workshops in Hannover (twice a year) and in Regensburg (once a year).


Right now, there are new events and locations established.
You might want to come back and check the event page from time to time!