Ansgar-M. Stein is THE RAUTHA, the intergalactic musical life-form. On his travels through the galaxy he collects impressions of the vastness of space and compiles them in a highly danceable life-trance set.  Sometimes behind his dashboard of etherical ultra-lightweight fibreglass didgeridoos, sometimes moving freely through the danceable space he performs his versatile hybrid-style on the didgeridoo.


A remarkably reduced setup is styled to give the maximum of sound: the cajon (the impeccable box-shaped drumset) self developed finger shakers and the occasional small percussion make up for a full dynamic sound. The "Hyperdrive" consists of three combined fibreglass didgeridoos with built-in microphones to cover the full range of didgeridoo-sound expression.


(photo by dreamtime-art.ch)




It’s not the Asian noodle soup giving its name to this band project, it is, rather simple, the initials of their first names: Roman and Ansgar.


Accidentally, the same two letters are also those of the ancient Egyptian sun-god Ra. That kind of exaggerated symbolism calls for not being taken too seriously and that’s why these two »sunnyboys« of the didgeridoo lead you through their sparklingly energetic program with a happy and scintillating sense of irony for themselves – and, of course, the eponymous Asian noodle soup won’t be left unmentioned …


R is for Roman Buss from Switzerland, pioneering the didgeridoo since 1992, is a co-founder and organizer of the oldest European didgeridoo festival that is still active: The Swizzeridoo.

A is for Ansgar Stein from Germany, coining his styles since 1993, is a self declared dilettante of science and founder of the German online didgeridoo encyclopedia.




Together they embody the »old-school« didgeridoo like no other, the music built upon the bordune sound of that ancient Australian instrument.The musical spectrum of these two unplugged, non-electronic specialists covers the range from inspirational sound-paintings and hypnotizing experimental spheres up to captivating trance beats.



After a long period of being apart, the didgeridoo and world musicians from Hannover re-united in 2020 for their 25th band anniversary. On occasion, they present their current multi-faceted program. Acoustically and visually framed by the ethereal-futuristic didgeridoos, overtone singing (Ansgar Stein), saxophone (Andreas Burckhardt), drums and percussion (Dieter »Zipper« Schmigelok) as well as electronic harmonies (Hans Gierschik) they blend jazz and trance influences with an earthy touch into supernatural spheres.


Together they create the mystical dimension between tradition and future - free and boundlessly beautiful.