... my projects

Since 1996 projectPan delivers the world of didgeridoo to event-spaces, as a fun-inducing musical act or in the shape of educational programmes, custom tailored to your event.


Solo-shows, band projects and performances showing all the versatility and the potential of the didgeridoo in every musical style you can think of: the danceable trance and pop-styles, but also jazz, classic, reggae, metal, you name it. 

... my didgeridoos

Playing ultra light-weight didgeridoos from fibre glass has always been a special feature in my performances. They allow for more freedom to move and dance, they are easy to carry, take up less space, and yet they have a sound spectrum you'd expect from a high quality didgeridoo.


That's why I also take them with me to my workshops, to provide students with the possibility to find out the best potential in a didgeridoo. 

... my workshops

With me, Ansgar Stein, you have one of the most experienced teachers in Europe at hand:
Teaching didgeridoo since 1996, I have gathered a considerable amount of experience of and knowledge about the multiple sides of this fascinating instrument to let you experience, learn and fully enjoy this world of sound for yourself!


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2023:   30 years of didgeridoo anniversary!